How much is my home worth?

You can find resources online that give you a rough estimate of what your home is worth & these types of websites & services use current data from actual sales to get fairly close to actual values. However these types of websites don’t take into account the inconsistencies of actual values due to short sales, auctions & foreclosures. The best way to find out actual value is to make a real estate appraiser a friend. The next best thing you can do is to ask a real estate professional who knows the area.

We built Chief Properties around the concept of “putting the client first” and maintain that although we can provide perspective, comparable sales, flyers, open houses, all the paperwork & professionalism, we respect that it is your home, your investment and ultimately your decision how to sell your home.

We additionally recognize that your information is private; we are not interested in selling your email address, home address or contact info. Any inquiry will be kept with confidence and we only contact those of you who want to be contacted.

To further discuss the value of your home or investment:

tmarcus(a) *

*replace the (a) with the @ symbol


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  1. Good blog! I like it.

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