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We’reMicah Thomas - Kansas City Real Estate very excited to have Micah Thomas join our Chief Properties Real Estate Team!

Our goal is to build a real estate brokerage around the qualities of the individuals that work with us. Micah is a tremendous asset in this endeavor. Micah is one of the smartest individuals you’ll meet that cares deeply for others.

Micah serves all varieties of unique clients in the Kansas City & Lawrence real estate markets. From first time home buyers to seasoned commercial property investors, Micah is equipped to serve every person he meets with the care & professionalism that we’re proud of. We’re very lucky to have him on our team of real estate professionals that care deeply about community development & social justice issues.

Contact Micah @ (913)594-9333
KS License # SP00238866

Read more about Micah at www.chiefkc.com