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In this housing market it is important to know what property values actually are.

what is my home worth

Zillow.com, Trulia.com & others only evaluate tax records to obtain an estimated value that can often times be off by 40% off that actual value. They don’t take into account what condition the property is in, the circumstances surrounding the sale (i.e. foreclosure, abandoned, etc.) or any improvements & upgrades that would significantly impact desirability and ultimately the value.

Whether you are listing your home for sale or looking to buy one, you have to know accurate home values. The best way to find out what homes are selling for is through the local MLS historical data. It’s what appraisers and Realtors® depend on for accurate information that can’t be found anywhere else. Using a combination of tax data, property descriptions, days on market, photos, neighborhood specific dynamics & comparable sales information that contains all of these details enables appraisers and Realtors® to arrive at actual values for properties. Banks & lenders depend on MLS information in order to justify loans, confirm property values & assess market conditions. The MLS is the single most important information resource in the residential real estate world.

We have MLS access at our fingertips and instead of holding it hostage from our clients; we offer the information for free. We provide Broker Price Opinions (BPO’s) for banks & homeowners alike. We would be happy to provide you all the information you need so that you have access without the sales pitch.

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