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Selling Agent – This is one of the most confusing terms for most people in the real estate arena. It would make the most sense to stick to buying agent and selling agent, but for some reason we have to complicate things in our contracts.

In the real estate world we have listing agents and selling agents. You will find these terms in every real estate contract you sign.

Listing agents and the broker they work for are the responsible party who lists a property for sale. They are the ones who try to promote, advocate & market a home for sale.

The Selling agent is the person who represents a buyer and “sells” the property.

Everyone will still refer to real estate agents as “buyer’s agent” or a “seller’s agent” but that would technically be incorrect according to the contracts we sign.

The most common question when clients look at a listing agreement (allowing me to list their property) is why doesn’t it say anything about a buyer’s agent. Next time you look at a real estate contract you will know what the terms mean and how the real estate professionals distinguish between different agents.

We know more real estate lingo and would love to educate you on the finer points of our profession through our decades of experience.

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