We all know that once you move into your home for the first time it’s the greatest feeling until the first problem surfaces. It comes in the shape of broken water lines, leaky roofs or air conditioning that makes angry sounds at you. Although we are not all handy or educated in the finer points of property maintenance there are some practical tips to make sure your home survives year after year.

For this reason I will put my years as a property manager & construction professional to good use for your benefit. Your home may not be able to thank you, but your pocket-book will appreciate the small efforts.

Tip # 102 (arbitrary #)

Give Water Leaks The Respect They Deserve.

Water is the most destructive elements on Earth, water in your home is no different.

The smallest of leaks can gradually destroy the bones of your home from the foundation to your roof. Leaks typically come in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry rooms and basements. Check any component in your home that carries water to or from your home, fixtures and appliances. Listen for drips, look for water stains and if you see any mold of any kind, you have some work to do. A plumber can fix just about any water issue you have. A roofing pro should be called immediately if water stains are seen on any ceiling below the actual roof structure or attic spaces. If your toilet runs randomly throughout the day/night your water bill will go up dramatically & can be fixed very easily.

Start to routinely look under sinks for leaks, in closet ceilings, around toilets, ceilings under bathrooms and attic spaces. Check around your air-conditioner, water heater and water softener. Check your outside hoses and faucets for small leaks (typically a basic seal is needed). If you have water appearing in your basement you need to consult a foundation pro. Make sure all your gutter are cleared of debris. These practices will save you thousands in potential damages. If you have a major leak, call a professional immediately.

Always use licensed and insured trade professionals.