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The end of one chapter starts another. It was this past year that we closed the books on our management responsibilities involving rental properties. From its inception we strived to be an exceptional option for our client’s asset management. Although we achieved this we quickly realized that this gritty business did not suit our goals for the long-term vision of our company. So after five years of rental property management we packed up our management responsibilities and dug in for the hard bottom our market has been plummeting towards.

We learned quite a few lessons along the way and gained much-needed exposure to the local rental market. You will find that most rental property listings are being sold by real estate agents that have neither owned or managed rental properties. We can add that qualification to our list of tools in our business shed.

Our desire is to be the most well-rounded real estate company to service all the needs of the specific clients that walks in our doors. We are a brokerage that has team members to meet every need a client could have. We have the resources to help our clients make the best, informed decisions possible. In a real estate world where most agents know how to open doors and give opinions, we know our business and help our clients understand as we do the complexities of real estate.

So we thank those of you who contributed to our rental property experience, we still serve our investors by listing and buying properties, consulting & educating green investors to the Kansas City metro on the complexities that comprise this local market.

If you are interested in investment properties this is an amazing time to buy and a terrible time to sell. Let us show you where the best values are in town and use our experiences in the trenches to help you make the most educated decision possible.

Todd Marcus

Chief Properties LLC

Owner-Broker- Sales Agent