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Our plan has been to grow a brokerage that provides a quality service to all the different markets whether it be residential, commercial, or any other market related to real estate. We are eagerly pursuing the old way of doing things while embracing the new technologies. Google (used as a verb here) “Kansas City real estate” and you won’t find our name in the top ten results. That is because we don’t spend tons of money on advertising to be the biggest in town, our motivation  is different.

Background to the Big Finale:

We have been pushed into a pattern of belief that a large name will provide the best results. That is not always true. That logic would also yield results like “just because it’s in print it must be true” & “more expensive must be better quality”. We know that these are not always true.  We live in a business culture that believes that franchising is the best path to success. Create a model that can be reproduced over and over again with proven success and sell the model to any monkey to operate it and cash in on the model.

There are plenty of people who have made money, plenty of money, with this concept. I appreciate that I can order a hamburger in one part of a state and get the exact same result 1,000 miles away. I am a glutton for consistency (especially with food). So what happens when they change the model, the policy or the ingredients? You don’t have the luxury of talking to the person making that decision to right the wrongs or even be heard. You never feel more like an overcrowded cow than when you complain to a business rep that has no authority other than to say “sorry, that is our policy”.

Our innate need to feel validated will eventually lead some of the masses back to personal service and handshakes like the good ol’ days (I hope anyway). Our American mantra of You First which is flawed for any sense of real nationalism holds handfulls of practical relevance to the service industries in a country of free persons.  You choose.

When you choose, I believe that you want the ability to be heard, you want the ability to get tailored services and you want to work with one person or team who can accommodate all your needs rather than a chain of drones & managers with one responsibility (the mark of a well oiled franchise). Let the others sustain the success of the big companies, you want your own team working for you. That is our motivation in this business. We work for the individual and create successful relationships that lead to personal referrals (not corporate referrals). Give the professional and consumer options that don’t need car dealership management approval. We have qualified team members who can make decisions based on your business needs.

hs1This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is not a business model that works for every service professional. Most need to be a cog in the wheel and don’t want to be committed to the diversified responsibility of providing total quality services. Those need not apply or subscribe to our brokerage opportunity. This is very much a strategy of establish yourself as trustworthy, work with honesty & integrity, provide quality services and your success will be built on the right foundations of business. It is old-fashioned.

There is nothing new under the sun“, so we are not doing something new. Instead of staying just ahead of the curve, we are taking a glacial leap ahead to where we feel business will inevitably return. A place where personal success is rewarded by personal achievement. This is a service industry based more on your abilities than the name on your business cards. Call it business Darwinism.

The Big Finale:

Whether you read this entry as a potential client or a potential team member, there is an opportunity here worthy of your consideration.

As a team member we see a qualified candidate taking our commercial division to a greater degree of success. We meet the needs of our existing clientele and as our referral base continues to grow we have developed the unfortunate growth problem of turning business away in a slow market. The opportunity is ripe for a struggling commercial professional to realign with a brokerage to back them with the right motivation, direction and commitments. We have lots of ideas and a clear direction. We are looking for the right fit.

For our investors or clients we have been selecting a quality group of professionals to provide top quality services. Where larger companies focus on numbers to meet their own business goals within the cooperate models, we focus on maintaining fewer professionals to provide the best services rather than the alternative. You don’t have to have your name on billboards to provide the best services. You need to have a firm handshake and steady eyes to earn a client’s trust one at a time.

We would like to hear from you if this entry motivated you to further interest or curiosity. One dimensional posts are exactly that, give us the opportunity for a good handshake.