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6001_oak2It is understood universally that real estate is in the buyer’s hands right now. The powers that be are infusing incentives to spur on the market for those in the upper crust of credit worthiness and dipping somewhat in the uncertain world of lack luster borrowers to defibrillate the all but dead market. Spring bloomed a bit late in the Kansas City housing market and now properties are starting to sell. With great hesitation we take listings with fear that our reputations of being sultans of sales be tarnished with listings that last longer than 30-60 days with little to no activity.

The reality is that the best of the best sell very quickly because there are actually quite a few buyers out there, finding ones that can get a loan is the main issue with accommodating the insurgence of over leveraged credit home shoppers. So as we were congratulated for getting a few offers within 24 hours of listing a property and setting the sign in the yard to show the great feat, the reality is the quality homes continue to sell themselves.

Not to long ago it was commonplace to put a sign in the yard and get an offer within 24-48 hours regularly. These days that is the exception rather than the norm. So when it happened we thank the craftsman who tirelessly worked to make the home delicately picture perfect and let the home speak for itself. There was no smoke and mirrors, no secret formula to selling the home before we could get the flyers back from the printer. The honest truth is that sometimes independent of best efforts and regardless of our expertise the best home can and did sell itself. We were fortunate enough to have the relationship in place to assist one such listing.

Our goal and aim is to assist in the vending of a select group of homes that sell themselves ideally. We use our savvy & valuable perspectives to help shape perceptions of value to sell it, pitch it & provide the best possible experience for our clients. Even the best of home selling connoisseurs have to admit that it is possible that the seller’s care for quality & craftsmanship can supersede our ability to sell it.

The best knowledge is now recognizing what it takes to sell a home in 3 days in a very tough market. We would love the opportunity to share that insight with you.