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The best part of this cyber venue is the ability to establish credibility and depth to an otherwise one dimensional informative resource.

By sharing our experiences and perspectives you gather more than a name among many, you get a real sense of the people and company that are investing in you. A short bio can be found in most updated websites and often times blogs can bring a new element of knowing to the research. My goal is to take that one step further, I want to give you the reasons I found value in making the investment to bring each member of Chief Properties team together. We don’t surround ourselves with just anyone with a pulse here, we invest in those that bring something unique to the collaborative table and justify the personal vesting we take.

19th-century-baseball-playerGregory Schroeder (not actually photographed here)

Greg first started with Chief Properties just as we broadened our vision to more than just the investment market. Greg had a presence in the mid-to-high end residential market and was looking to expand his business within a brokerage that gave him flexibility and support that allowed him to focus on the things he does best in real estate. It was clear from the beginning that Greg was tremendous with people and had a great knack for finding what his client’s wanted with efficiency and immediate accuracy.

Since Greg joined our team he has achieved amazing growth in sales volume, the number of closed transactions per year and an astonishing repeat customer /referral book of business. It is said that “The best compliment a salesperson can receive is a referral”, Greg works almost exclusively on referral business. He can be found painting bedrooms, moving boxes or planting trees for his clients not just because he knows how to sell homes, but because he cares about his clients.

If you would like to interact with Greg as I have had the pleasure to, feel free to drop him an email at gregory@chiefpropertieskc.com

If you want the simple bio, it can be found here Greg’s Bio

Still want more? Call Greg for the long version of why he is the asset to Chief Properties as well as his clients: 816.916.8113