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As I stand on my soap box proclaiming how working with and for Chief Properties is more cost effective for everyone I get various responses from the comforts of safe distances (aka sucker punches and/or the peanut gallery).peanutg

I would like to share with you one conversation from a Real Estate Professional Forum in which I posted our pitch.

The original post can be found here (click me)

Here is “Kelly’s” Response:

September 18 ’08 05:15PM  |  [Kelly], SRES <><

Well God bless you if you provide excellent customer service and still charge less….It sounds like the agents would just be making less money for the same amount of work

 September 18 ’08 08:13PM  |  T. Marcus


Thank you for commenting on my post. It serves as a perfect response to what I am doing differently. From the context of your response you are both glad to know I provide excellent service but skeptical of the savings the Agents that work for Chief Properties actually receive.

The reality is that the face of real estate has changed. Agents who are tied to set commissions and splits are subject to the old way of doing things. If you had the ability to negotiate your commissions with your client (in the moment) and receive a higher commission split than normal you are already making more from an inventory standpoint (i.e. pick up more cheap listings in order to be competitive and gain a greater market share) as well as an actual commission earning perspective.

The fact that we don’t have the unnecessary overhead also keeps money in your pocket (passing the savings onto your clients if you chose) ultimately making you more money in the long run. I run into plenty of agents who have to scale back their overhead and who are looking to increase their profits; I am simply providing the place to do that.

Thank you again for your post.


We are not in this business to make friends with the competition . We are in it to provide better services for less. This is just one exchange of many that signify that we do brings value to every person that works for and with Chief Properties.