(not my picture here) “I wish I looked this classic in black & white”

My history can be surmised in youthful jobs that paid me too much for little actual work, jobs that were too large for me during a time when confidence mixed with naivety and shortsightedness led to the greatest experiences in environments that have paid enormous dividends later in life.

Thank the heavens for that ignorance and confidence concoction in my post grad years. A job that taught me plenty, most of all get it in writing as well as production should always be commensurate with your income that led me to start my own business. Kids, master’s program, family, doors closing and doors opening led me to Kansas City where I have promoted a valuable business and services. What I would call just work to my friends ends up being a portion of who I am.

I am a husband, father, son and brother like most of you (exchanging gender specific titles where applicable of course). I am also a fly-fisherman (below average at best), soccer player & coach, aspiring botanist & carpenter, related to a pharmacist, a jeweler, a few attorneys, missionaries, a pastor, graphic artists (responsible for my logo), corporate salesman, teachers, a few blue collared workers, advertisers and interior decorators who all contribute to my language and perspectives.