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kcsnowAs we rescue the winter clothes from the depths of storage and rake up our remaining foliage the piercing chill reminds us that seasons change. Those who habitually hunker down have their ice melt or kitty litter ready for the first snow. Others seal themselves in their own abodes with plastic and hair dryers that signifies the hibernating ritual we all assume to get through the winter. Different landscapes require different types of preparations and realities of the cold months.  

Predicting the weather with any ounce of accuracy is the most comical & consistently inaccurate prediction of this mid-west region. The second most erroneous assumption is that commerce slows to provide plenty of time to hone one’s snow sculpting skills. Year after year it always works out to be one of the busiest times of year for my business. Common sense would tell you that people don’t want to move from one home to another when there is snow on the ground. It would also be fair to assume that people don’t typically spend large sums of money around the Holidays other than small gifts that adorn trees or fancy candle sticks.

As a property manager we fill more vacancies in the winter months than any other time. As a developer, most of the acquisitions and improvements are closed and commenced within the same time period. As a broker of real estate properties, there are far more deals closed in these chilly months than any other.

So winters in Kansas City are not made of all warm fireplaces & sipping hot drinks for this business, it is busy with the accelerator to the floor most of the season. There is more preparation needed than just festive decorations & lighting, it is the best time to find deals on the market.

Most property owners concede that the market will not yield the results they hope for so they lower their expectations/standards at the negotiating table. Banks want to clear their books by the year end so they reduce their prices for properties they don’t want. Distressed owners will sell for a huge discount to keep their heat on. There are plenty of great ways to buy properties in the winter for those savvy enough to see the opportunity.

While many might flock to Florida, Texas or Arizona for the winter, we are here braving the elements to find better deals than the other seasons produce. In the current state of economic affairs, you would not believe the deals we come across.

If  you are interested in knowing more or about one of these opportunities, contact us at: broker@chiefpropertieskc.com