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Consumers want to find that [thing] by themselves and work through the treasure map of the internet sites for the real prize. We hunt by primative nature and no matter the aim, we most often travel in packs of one. The stealthy crouch and blood-shot desire can be observed at any wild environment named wi-fi or desktop. If only we would recognize the time tested animal kingdom evidenced reality that packs of two plus get the meal with quickness and calculated efficiency much faster than the solo efforts in the same arena.

Switching gears within the same metaphor, some might think it wise to bring a guide who knows where the find the trophy caliber object of you desire. Some might even think it smart to have extra hands to help your aim, carry the bags, provide the knowledge and experience that comes with navigating years within the given environment.

I once asked a fishing guide (pictured here) as we glided down Rock Creek outside of Missoula “when you go to a new river, do you have another guide take you?”. His answer says it all; “You can spend all day trying to find one good hole to fish or you can have a guide take you to every great hole along the river. The guide has been on that river for years and years and knows more about it than anyone else. When it boils down to it, you are there to catch fish and you want to be in the same boat as the guide that can help you catch the most.”

If you like going through the process and you want to learn for yourself how to and the perils of taking the wrong path, following the wrong lead & ending up stuck somewhere you wish you were not. You will definitely gain the knowledge necessary coupled with the experience. But keeping the goal in mind and the before mentioned in tow you have to recognize that calculated hands of help are the best chance you have at gaining the real prize.

So disseminate the information. Experience and know how are the foundation of good decisions. We are hunters, desperadoes, trail blazers, adventurers and explores. Our best chance for success in arenas of vague familiarity is to bring a guide and extra hands to protect while providing the platform for your monumental moment of decisiveness.

Some are equipped, some are guides and to those I speak not of unnecessary support or insinuating ineptness in any way. Go and enjoy the process and the prize. Your proved abilities and success in your element makes you the town topic. For those who think they can do it without help, the “think” is the key indicator that you need the help. Save the adventure for things that won’t bankrupt you or litigate.

Take a guide with you and if you see fit, I can accommodate.