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Every line sounds the same, every place a striking resemblance of another big name. So what is the difference between Brokers in which to hang your license? Instead of attack the opposition, let me provide you with a few reasons why Chief Properties is shaking trees to find the best apples in the business.



1. We charge less. Old fashioned business practices no longer apply to a demographic of real estate consumers that want more for less. The secret handshake and whispering of real estate professionals no longer works with the informed audience. We acknowledge the changes and still provide a valuable service for less.

2. We give you flexibility. You are your best asset for business success. We enable you to negotiate your services for prices you determine. If we are committed to providing quality services and making it cost effective for our clients, you need to have the flexibility to negotiate pricing. This will become the norm and not the exception in this industry.

3. We cost less. If you want to work from home, you can. If you want to use our office, you can. There are no monthly fees or required office hours. We are available 24/7 to maintain the quality within the brokerage and assist our team in every way. You don’t have to pay us for using our name. Pass your savings onto your clients and realize the power of referral business. If you don’t have to compete on the same field of others, don’t. We provide you that opportunity.

4. You make more. Although this is the only negotiable within this list. We offer great commission splits. The split is based on how much the broker will be involved in your transactions & training. The greater the experience the more you make. Our brokerage is based on providing a better service for less. We provide you the opportunity to keep money in your pocket and your clients’. We would gladly discuss this detail with you further if you desire to continue the conversation with us.

5. We provide excellent service. We won’t allow you to just open doors and hold hands with clients. We are committed to providing the best experience to the client and you will have to know all areas of your business in order to provide those services effectively. We will train, educate and introduce you to promote continued growth in your profession.

6. We are different. We don’t have to have the reputation brought on by others. We can conduct business differently while we brand a name that reflects a new kind of real estate professional. We provide the answer to the consumers desire for something new and fresh.

7. We are building. While much of the industry is scaling back or closing doors, we are building a group of quality professionals into a brand that will position itself perfectly for the upward swing in market. If we only have quality professionals, the upcoming peak in conditions will reward our collective commitments. We will build together.

8. We are open. Businesses have to listen to its people in order to succeed. If it makes sense, let’s do it. This is a marketplace that is constantly changing. We are not driven by egos, we are driven by good opportunities and keeping food on the table. If you have ideas, we want to hear them. Let’s start on the time tested policy of better service for less and build on every great idea.

Brokers & Agents interested in more details can email us at broker@chiefpropertieskc.com or call 888.378.5235 x 701. We are brokers in Kansas & Missouri only.

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