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I have been very reluctant to start the new trends in technology. I swore I would not wear a cell phone the size of a shoe on my belt when they first came on the scene. I thought them showy and not completely necessary. The blue tooth ear piece gives me the same funny feeling when I see people wearing it like they are taking orders at a fast food joint. I am not a big fan no matter how convenient it might be.  

In a very similar way Blogging has been an apprehensive venture for me. My first real attempt to read and contribute just left me angry with people’s poorly articulated arguments and sucker punch opinions. Not to digress to the realm of the “turn that music down”, but anyone can stand on their soap box and spew any garbage they want with virtually no recourse. I liken it to a little brother sneaking up on you to kick you in the shins and then run to hide behind a parent.

In theory the platform gives readers insight into who you might be. This can be great for business to establish trust and credibility before you even make the initial contact. That sure beats picking a name out of the phone book. So here is my feeble attempt to join the ranks of bloggers, both the kind that shoot from behind and those who remain within ethical boundaries of discourse.