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The average person has just enough time in their day to work, eat and relax for a few hours. Throw a few kids into the picture and time is never yours. We all can’t be self sustaining and live independent of the world. We have to navigate through it with help from the grocery stores, the post officers, gas stations, mechanics, etc. etc. Since we don’t have the time and often the capacity to know everything there is to know, we have to depend on others to guide us.Choosing a trail worthy guide is the most important aspect of being led into new territories. Many people purchase only one home in their lifetime and it is by far the most expensive purchase they make. It is important to know what you are getting yourself into before you start on the journey.

A qualified real estate agent will work hardest at knowing what you want before they send you any information about a home. A qualified listing agent will be honest with you about the market conditions and not just tell you what you want to hear. A qualified agent will show you homes that don’t offer a commission simply because it just might be your dream home. A qualified agent follows the law and abides by a code of ethics so that you know you can trust them. A qualified agent knows what it means to sell your home not just your house. A qualified agent knows how to negotiate the best deal for their clients and makes certain the transaction moves smoothly.

A qualified real estate agent provides a valuable service at a very important time. We all can admit that getting lost in the woods sounds challenging, liberating & exciting at first, but actuallybeing lost in the woods can end up being a really bad thing. If you are equipped to do, go for it. For most of you out there, don’t take the risk of signing a paper you can’t interpret or find yourself in a property you bought simply because it was so exciting to do.